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Nicaragua POV October 2016 Aaron Jessee and Shaw Kobayashi

December 05, 2016

Aaron Jessee and Shaw Kobayashi's last minute decision to go barrel hunt a swell heading into Nicaragua. As you will see, it was a good decision. They brought along their Mouth Mount and entire MyGo Bundle Kit with their GoPro's and iPhones


September 30, 2016

The KALOEA SURFER GIRLS are always having a blast. Checkout the evidence!

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These bikinis are perfect for active girls. They are great for surfing, wakeboarding, tubing, etc. They are a rad company as well, so checkout their website and their Instagram Make sure your next surf bikini is a KALOEA and if you're shopping for a lady this holiday this is a perfect gift option! 

KALOEA Surf Bikini Testimonial

September 30, 2016

Insight from Eve, founder and Director of KALOEA Surf Bikini 

In today's world, it’s becoming more and more challenging for a brand to stand out and build online awareness. So it is crucial that you capture the highest quality content that is remarkable and will engage your audience.  

This is why KALOEA chooses MyGo Mount to address these challenges. 

We have a massive quiver of cameras that we have to take everywhere we go and our MyGo Mouth Mount has become a crucial part of our camera arsenal. We've tried a competitor's mouth mount but found that only MyGo Mount can deliver the quality of footage that we need. It is sturdier and offers way more stability while remaining super comfortable and easy to use in all sorts of activities.

We now use our MyGo mouth mount every time we need to capture high quality POV footage, whether it's on the water (surfing, sailing), underwater (freediving) and even on land! 

We had the chance to use our My Go mouth mount in amazing conditions in the Maldives and Tahiti and it’s made it possible for us to capture unique footage. Fully stoked with it, it gets our creative juices flowing and it now comes with us everywhere we go!