Pro Armband Leash for GoPro®

The Pro Armband Leash is MyGo’s solution for getting multiple angles and freedom of movement with a GoPro® and Mouth Mount without having the leash come into frame, which can ruin your shot.

The Pro Armband Leash is also great for bigger waves, where the neck lanyard isn’t robust enough, and is used by the Pros to get those amazing angles inside the tube.

The Pro Armband Leash features;

  • Soft comfortable inner padding.
  • A long Velcro® strap for good retention.
  • Stainless Steel inner cable coil with a rubber outer sheath for high strength in heavy situations.*
  • An “Out of camera view” design so it doesn’t ruin that epic shot.
  • Compatible with all GoPro® HERO models.
  • Floats with the MyGo or GoPro® Floaty Back.
  • 1.5" Armband width, so it doesn't feel bulky. Slimmer than a bodyboard leash. 

*No leash or tether system is a guarantee that you will not lose your GoPro®. Please ensure that you are also using a MyGo or GoPro® Floaty Back to aid in recovering your GoPro® in case it separates from you.


Anthony Walsh using the Pro Armband Leash


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