About Us

Great shots require good equipment.

MyGo was born from our struggle with the lack of available equipment for filming while surfing, because – let’s face it – the head strap looks silly and isn't sturdy, the board mount is a terrible angle, and everything else requires at least one hand to use. After getting incredible footage with a homemade mouth mount prototype, we moved on to designing something that would be sturdy, comfortable, and effective at getting great POV shots. The MyGo Mouth Mount is the result.

MyGo was founded by Nick Brooks and Jeff Russell, two avid surfers whose love of barrels and GoPro® cameras pushed them to create the MyGo Mouth Mount. Jeff speaks about how it all got started, “I got the best barrel of my life, and it was all on film! After that, it was ON! I couldn’t stop getting footage. The next step was just making a mount that worked really well that people could buy.”

Check out this video of Jeff Russell Surfing with his MyGo Mouth Mount: