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Vans presents PENTACOASTAL: A World Premiere

May 15, 2020

Check out the latest edit sponsored by VANS featuring Dane Reynolds, Harry Bryant, Nathan Fletcher, Pat Gudauskas, Dylan Graves, Nathan Florence, Tanner Gudauskas & Kyuss King.

How to Nail the Ultimate Selfie I SURFLINE.COM

January 05, 2017

Anthony Walsh Breaks Down his GoPro Arsenal. Click link below to see full article on Surfline.

Anthony Walsh shares the settings and mounts he uses while shooting with his tool of choice to capture adventures: GoPro. 

"The mount I use most is the MyGo Mouth Mount. It sees what you see and it’s easy to grab and get that selfie. Shoot video 4:3 ratio 960 and 1440 to get that tall image. For photos I use time-lapse mode interview .5 interval

The gear, top to bottom, left to right: Board Cam. Back Mount. Dome. Mouth Cam. Handheld. Light. Tail Mount. Refuel. Pole Cam

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Michael Ciaramella in Top 3 for November - Go Vote!

December 12, 2016

This Baja beach break rarely gets this perfect, but Michael knew this would be the place with howling offshore Santa Ana winds, and an XL WNW swell.

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Nicaragua POV October 2016 Aaron Jessee and Shaw Kobayashi

December 05, 2016

Aaron Jessee and Shaw Kobayashi's last minute decision to go barrel hunt a swell heading into Nicaragua. As you will see, it was a good decision. They brought along their Mouth Mount and entire MyGo Bundle Kit with their GoPro's and iPhones


September 30, 2016

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