Mouth Mount Bundle Kit

Get the complete setup for your GoPro® camera! The Bundle Kit includes 1 Mouth Mount, 1 Pro Armband Leash, and 1 Floaty Back.

What’s Included:

  • MyGo Mouth Mount PATENT # 9,383,630 & PATENT # 7,715,164
  • Pro Armband Leash
  • MyGo Floaty Back

Mouth Mount Features:

  • Ergonomic Snorkel-Style Mouthpiece that will keep your mouth comfortable and happy, and give your lips a good seal.
  • Reverse Air Channel to allow you plenty of airflow, but still keeps the water out by facing away from oncoming waves during duck dives and wipeouts.
  • Meant to be used in conjunction with our floaty back or the GoPro® Floaty back to add additional support under the chin.
  • MyGo Lanyard Hole, because nobody wants to lose their GoPro®.
  • Bite Down supports, giving you stability in your footage, so you feel confident in throwing big maneuvers.
  • Reinforced Mounting Supports, so even if you hit the reef, your MyGo is ready for the paddle back to the lineup.

Pro Armband Leash features:

  • Soft comfortable inner padding.
  • A long Velcro® strap for good retention.
  • Stainless Steel inner cable coil with a rubber outer sheath for high strength in heavy situations.*
  • An “Out of camera view” design so it doesn’t ruin that epic shot.
  • Compatible with all GoPro® HERO models.
  • Floats with the MyGo or GoPro® Floaty Back.
  • 1.5" Armband width, so it doesn't feel bulky. Slimmer than a bodyboard leash. 

Floaty Back Features:

  • Highly visible orange color
  • Lightweight
  • Strong 3M adhesive
  • Capable of floating camera along with MyGo Mouth Mount

*GoPro® NOT included

**No leash or tether system is a guarantee that you will not lose your GoPro®. Please ensure that you are also using a MyGo or GoPro® Floaty Back to aid in recovering your GoPro® in case it separates from you.

Brett Barley using the Bundle Kit

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