GoPro of the Winter - Winner



The King of soft-top barrel riding. WHO IS JOB


Jamie O'brien (@whoisjob) won the @GoPro of the Winter this year, and the $20,000 prize to go with it. Of the top 5 clips selected by the judges, 4 were filmed using homemade mouth mounts. This view has become increasingly popular in Surfing. Jamie said that, "it all starts from the preparation of your gear" when talking about capturing the wave of the winter. Having the battery charged and the right accessories is essential to getting good GoPro® footage.

Jamie also said, "once you start collecting clips, it's addicting." This is what we believe and know at MyGo Mount. It's extremely fun and addicting to capture a good shot to have for yourself and to share with your family and friends.

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Jeffrey Russell
Jeffrey Russell