Cory Lopez uses MyGo Mouth Mount in "Wavos Rancheros"

Cory Lopez spends 4 days South of the Border, getting barreled and putting it on rail.  We are glad to see he got some shots with his MyGo Mouth Mount

The Mouth Mount for GoPro is the best way to capture POV surfing. It is important that the mouth mount be stable and breathable. The MyGo Mouth Mount is the only mount that features stable bite supports encased in a silicone mouthpiece AND a reverse air channel. These features make it the best mount for surfing with a GoPro. The Mouth Mount also comes with a neck lanyard, or we also offer the armband leash, which is perfect for hand transfers and for keeping your GoPro secure. 

GoPro Mouth Mount Cory Lopez

Nick Brooks
Nick Brooks