Brett Barley Edit: "Silver & Gold"

East Coast barrels and Brett Barley's ability to get deep with his MyGo Mouth Mount and GoPro never get old. 

Brett says, "Fall and Winter are the best times of year along the Outer Banks... From overcast windy days to slick calm golden lit evenings, you can't beat it!"

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Anthony Walsh Mouth Mount at Pipeline

Late season Pipeline has offered up some fun waves for North Shore residents. Anthony Walsh uses his MyGo Mouth Mount to capture his POV while surfing with a GoPro (see below).


Make sure and get a Mouth Mount for your next barrel or next surf trip, so you can relive the moment, and share it with your friends and family!

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Cory Lopez uses MyGo Mouth Mount in "Wavos Rancheros"

Cory Lopez spends 4 days South of the Border, getting barreled and putting it on rail. Watch for the MyGo Mouth Mount!  

When surfing with a GoPro, choose the MyGo Mouth Mount like Cory Lopez.
Cory Lopez uses the MyGo Mouth Mount -
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Jamie O'Brien & Anthony Walsh - Mouth Mount is Favorite Mount for Surfing

During the live #GoProChat Twitter session, Anthony and Jamie were asked twice what is their favorite mount for surfing.

They explain why the Mouth Mount by MyGo is the best way to capture epic POV footage and they give a few tips on how to use it.


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Hurley Pro Trestles Competitors get MyGo Mouth Mount


The MyGo Mouth Mount in CJ Hobgood's locker

The top professional surfers came to show off their talents at Trestles during the Hurley Pro. The final came down to Jordy Smith and John John Florence, who both surfed a great heat. Jordy got the edge and became the 2014 Hurley Pro Champion!

We were excited to see that the MyGo Mouth Mount for GoPro was given as a gift to all of the competitors in their locker. Peter Mel showed off the locker room and showed off CJ Hobgood's locker.

The MyGo Mouth Mount was provided for the competitors


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Newport Goes Bananas on Big Wednesday

Hurricane Marie Fills Newport's Coast With Massive Waves

For those that had the right size board and the right size "juevos", August 27th, 2014 quickly became the Number 1 day of their lives, thanks to Hurricane Marie.

MyGo got a call from O'Neill's Head of  Marketing the day before Big Wednesday asking for a grip of MyGo Mouth Mounts to give out to Jordy Smith, Timmy Reyes, and others from the O'Neill team to have for the big day.

Just before Big Wednesday in Newport, we got the call that the boys were in need of some MyGo Mouth Mounts.

Even through the early morning haze, everyone could tell that this day was going to be massive. It was already 18ft and building AND cleaning up as the morning went on.

Unknown getting absolutely shacked and then came flying out of a sunrise barrel.
Unknown getting absolutely shacked and then came flying out of a sunrise barrel.

With the size came a shift in the mood for the surfers paddling out - this was serious - and so most of the boys opted to go charge without the added worry of a GoPro®, except for two; Koa Smith and Ethan Carlston.

Koa was stoked to see us with an extra MyGo Mouth Mount because he left his at home. Props for charging with it, Koa!
Ethan managed to get shacked out of his mind on several bombs. Having the MyGo Mouth Mount landed him a feature with Surfline!

 Koa got an incredible barrel that clamped on him and stole his GoPro®, so please, if you find it send us the memory card at least!

Ethan got spit out of an incredible barrel with the MyGo Mouth Mount for the entire beach to see, and for the rest of us to see through his point of view!

Newport does an uncanny impression of Pipeline.  Photo: Tim McCaig
Newport does an uncanny impression of Pipeline.
Photo: Tim McCaig
Standing tall and totally elated. Photo: Tim McCaig
This is what a massive cavern at Newport looks like. Relish it, because it doesn't happen often.
Ethan got deep on this one and said of this day, "One of the best days of my life.. and definitely the craziest day I've ever seen at home!"

Congrats to all of the chargers that got a giant gaping vision on Wednesday August 27, because most of us were plenty happy to just watch.

Give Koa Smith a follow on Instagram ( @koatree_ ) and check out his incredible video "Diamond of the Desert" on

Give Ethan Carlston a follow on Instagram ( @ethanzane ) and check out his video "July Sessions" on YouTube

Brett Barley Mouth Mount Footage

Brett Barley is one of those dedicated surfers who manages to overcome his geographical limitations (North Carolina - NOT North Shore Oahu) by constantly diving into swell and wind charts, having an in-depth knowledge of the surrounding breaks, and having his equipment (including his GoPro® and mouth mount) ready to go at a moment's notice. 

The result of his hard work and preparation is highlight reel after highlight reel of deep chocolaty barrels that gets the rest of us wondering if we should add N.C. to our list of surf trip destinations. The guy makes it look easy, and has graciously shared his view with us. 

Check out the Smith Grudge Match on Surfline between Brett and Fisher Heverly. (Go to slide 6/9)

Brett also made it onto GoPro's YouTube Highlights Channel.

Visit Brett's site

A Few Gems at "The Jewel"

La Jolla (correct spelling being La Joya) in Spanish means "The Jewel".  In sort of a surf inspired poetic way, MyGo user Andy Pierce shows us his view of a few "Gems" from a deep place using a GoPro® Mouth Mount. Follow Andy on Instagram @andy_piercer

Check out the Mouth Mount used by Andy. He shoots with the GoPro Hero 3+ using the 720 Superview at 100 fps.