Brett Barley Edit: "Silver & Gold"

East Coast barrels and Brett Barley's ability to get deep with his MyGo Mouth Mount and GoPro never get old. 

Brett says, "Fall and Winter are the best times of year along the Outer Banks... From overcast windy days to slick calm golden lit evenings, you can't beat it!"


Brett laments that Winter is gone and it's not likely that the Outer Banks will be seeing tubes like this for a while. It hasn't been a tubeless summer for Brett, though, he's been packing pits in Mexico with Peter Mendia (@petemendia) and Cory Lopez (@corylopez) in Puerto Escondido which has been featured on Stacking Clips and Six Magazine.

Brett also uses our Pro Armband Leash for those super deep selfie shots. The leash also ensures that giant wipeouts at Zicatela won't send his GoPro and Mouth Mount into the depths of the ocean.

Jeffrey Russell
Jeffrey Russell