The Adventure Hunt

30 WILL WIN & 4 WILL GO TO Panama!

Step One: Sign Up and Team Up

Register in the city nearest you! Registration is good for two, so get signed up now and pick your teammate anytime before Hunt Day!

Step Two: Gear Up

Once you're registered we'll send you two Kameleonz Premium Knit Beanies, two pairs of Kameleonz Interchangeable Shades as well as 15% off promo codes to these awesome Adventure Hunt sponsors:

  • Kameleonz - Interchangeable Shades. Floatable Shades. Beanies. 
  • Stance - Socks
  • GoScope - GoPro accessories
  • Mission Belt - Belts with no holes that always fit
  • Cotopaxi - Outdoor packs and outerwear 
  • MyGo - POV mouth mount for GoPro

Snag your favorite stuff from each Adventure Hunt sponsor and have your teammate do the same--you'll need it for the Hunt and promo codes only last for so long, so act now!

Step Three: Enjoy the Ride

We'll bury 15 treasure chests throughout the United States, each containing:
  • 2 GoPros
  • 2 pairs of Kameleonz Interchangeable Shades
  • 2 Kameleonz t-shirts
  • 2 pairs of Stance Socks
  • 2 Cotopaxi Luzon Packs
  • 2 GoScope Boost Poles
  • 2 Nylon Mission Belts
  • 2 MyGo Mouth Mounts
  • 2 cans of Red Bull
  • 1 Ticket to Paradise--your ticket to the Hawaii trip drawing where TWO teams will win a free trip!

At the day and time specified for each Hunt (almost always on a Saturday at 9am local time) we will send all registered Hunters an email with a list of Adventures for you and your teammate to complete. Post each adventure to Instagram as instructed in the email (as well as on the Rules page) to receive clues where the treasures are buried. Clues will be sent via Instagram direct messaging, so be sure you follow and @Kameleonz

Step Four: Get Digging

Follow the clue to the exact location where the treasure is buried! Don’t forget your shovel!

Step Five - Welcome to Paradise

The 15 treasure-finding teams use their Ticket to Paradise to enter a drawing to see which TWO teams go to Panama!

  • Two Roundtrip Airfare Tickets
  • 4 days, 3 nights at a Tropical Resort
  • A Fun-packed Itinerary
  • Total Value: $2,500+


Nick Brooks
Nick Brooks